Holiday Lapdance Workshop

This class is taught by:

Suzy G

Pole Choreography Instructor, Certified Pole Instructor
Suzy has been pole dancing for five years and began instructing choreography classes at Studio Chic in July 2015. A soccer player turned pole dancer, Suzy had absolutely zero dance experience or background when she started pole dancing. A rocker at heart, her style slowly began to develop and evolve into her signature style. Suzy also competes in various competitions and showcases. One of Suzy's favourite things about Studio Chic is the love of her pole family. She is at the beginning of her pole journey and can't wait for you to join her in class!

Kelly S

Certified Pole Dance, Cardio Hoop Instructor, Chair Fit Instructor
I can’t even begin to tell you all how proud I am to be an instructor here at Studio Chic. A friend of mine suggested that I try a pole dancing class in 2007, I trusted her and took a class and never looked back. Pole dancing is everything I am, fun, sassy and sexy. My first six months as a student my body changed so much. The upper body strength I gained was noticeable and I lost over 15”. Something that “regular” exercise had never done for me. This really is a FULL body workout. I was hooked! In 2008 I became a certified to be a Pole Dancing instructor. The simple fact that all our instructors are former students is key to being a great instructor. We understand the frustrations when you struggle with a move. We recall the excitement when you finally get it, and share that excitement with all our girls. My classes are very upbeat, full of laughter, and yes a little bit on the sassy side. I think every woman should feel sexy and special and I do my best to help them feel that way in all my classes.
A great quote from the Original Sex Symbol Ms. Marilyn Monroe “We should all start to live before we get to old. Fear is stupid, so are regrets.” So come on out to a class and try it… you will love it.
Join Suzy for a sexy holiday themed lapdance workshop.  Suitable for beginner to advanced dancers.  Learn a choreographed routine to a song, complete with a online practice video!  Guaranteed to heat up your holidays!

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