Certified Pole Dance & TRX Instructor
My journey into the world of pole fitness has been a fun and exciting one. It began a few years ago after a night out with the hubby where some girls were dancing. I admired their strength, sexiness and confidence. So, being a teacher myself, I knew I had to find somewhere that I could learn. I found Studio Chic and never looked back.

I progressed through the levels farther than I ever imagined I could and am currently a Intermediate student. As I progressed, I found that the sexiness and confidence that sometimes goes by the wayside as a wife, mother, and teacher was returning. My husband came to every dance troupe performance (yes I performed in front of people!). He loved them all.

When the opportunity to become an instructor came about in 2013, I jumped at the chance to be part of an amazing group of women. I now get to pass on the knowledge and experience I have to a new group of students. Looking forward to meeting you all :)

Miranda instructs the following:
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • A revolutionary total-body fitness program that uses gravity against the individual’s own body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability using the TRX Suspension Trainer. Set to music, this group class delivers a cardio and strength blast that will leave you feeling incredible. No experience necessary.  

  • Pole Dancing 102
  • Soar to new heights in this class! With Pole Climbs and Inversions you will get to appreciate the world of pole from a whole new level! We will teach you new spins, transitions and combos, as well teaching you how to dance with them. The fun never stops, and your body will only benefit from all the strength, coordination and conditioning that you’re building.

  • Pole Dancing 101
  • If you’re ready for some fun, laughter, and feeling your confidence soar, than this class is for you! We will teach you how to move your hips and toss your hair, and all the fundamentals of pole dancing. You will learn different hand grips, strength holds, and of course all the fun spins, and dance moves that will turn you in to one of our newly addicted pole dancers! Students will complete a checklist of moves with their instructor before moving on to Pole 102.

  • Pole Choreography 101
  • This incredibly unique class combines several different styles of dance to create pole and floor choreography that are taught to build a mini routine. You will feel and move like a dancer flowing and transitioning from one move to the next. This class is for students in our Pole 101 program only, and must have been taught the fireman spin, front spin, and dips.  This class is required to move into choreo 102 with approval of the choreo instructor.

  • Pole Choreography 102
  • Take your pole dancing to a new level!  This class is for students who have completed our Pole 101 program, and have mastered the routines in Pole Choreography 101.  Using more advance pole tricks, and transitions you will learn how to combo them together into a mini routine set to music.  Get ready to dance, sweat, and feel fabulous! Entry to Choreo 102 has a prerequisite of choreo instructors approval plus Intermediate Pole 1 status at the studio.

  • Chair Fit
  • This two part class starts with a circuit type workout, helping you focus on your whole body. You will work out using the assistance of a chair.

    The second part of the class is cardio based and sexy inspired. You will be taught a small piece of choreography to dance out using our chairs. You will repeat this choreography to different styles of music. Guaranteed to make you break a sweat, but feeling fabulous at the same time.

    Leg warmers or knee pads are suggested.  Shoes are optional.

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