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Beginner Pole Dancing Class

NEW CLASS! Studio Chic is so excited to offer this brand new 6 week workshop designed for new Momma's that are looking for a fun and exciting form of fitness.

Our Pole Momma's class is the perfect choice if you're looking to:
- regain core strength
- increase upper body strength
- ease your body back into shape
- enjoy dance and flowing movement
- get in touch with your new body
- enjoy time out of the house with your baby
- want to lose weight and have FUN while doing it
- be around other new mom's, make new pole friends and become part of our pole family
- be in a safe and non-judgemental environment


Our 6 week workshop we will teach you the foundations of pole dancing for fitness. Instructed by certified Pole Momma Christie, this class is perfect for beginners with no prior experience. Each class starts with a gentle warm up, loosening up tight muscles, unlocking hips, and warming up your upper body. We then perform a series of floorwork exercises that are yoga/Pilates based to help increase your core, and upper body strength. The pole dancing portion will start off with basic dance moves, spins, and strength holds. You do not need any prior experience or strength to pole dance! Our goal is for you to have FUN and get moving! Each class ends with a gentle stretch and social time for all momma's and babies.

Tuesday March 21st - April 25th 11am-12pm
6 week session, each class is 1 hour in length.
Pole Momma 6 week session: EB price: $99+HST Regular: $120+HST  EB till March 14th
10 momma's per class

Included Bonuses for 6 week session:
- 3 pole momma class passes for friends
- 3 class passes to try our other classes (Pole 101, Choreo 101, and fitness classes)
- Last class additional 30 mins of social time, for refreshments, celebrations etc
- Private Facebook forum just for Pole Momma's

Try a Teaser Class before you commit! (view schedule for class times)

We recommend all Momma's receive permission from their doctor to resume normal fitness and exercise and be at least 6 weeks post-partum.
Babies age 6 weeks-12 months (not yet walking) are welcome. Talking, crying, nursing/feeding, crawling, toy sharing etc is welcome at this class. We are all momma's so we all understand. Please bring all your babies necessities with you. We do not recommend bringing baby in a stroller as we are located up a flight of stairs on the second floor. Car seats welcome.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are only Momma's allowed to attend this class?
A:  Yes!  And their babies of course!

Q:  I have not worked out in a long time, will I be able to do this class?  I have no upper body strength!
A:  Yes!  We will ease you into gaining strength in your whole body.  We design each class to help you with over all strength that is required not just for pole dancing, but for lifting your heavy babe!  Those car seats are so heavy!!!!

Q:  I have some pregnancy symptoms that I'm still recovering from, like wrist, joint, and hip pain.  Can I still take these classes?
A:  Yes!  We will help you in every way that we can to modify exercises and work with whatever your body is going through.  We totally understand that it takes time for mommies bodies to heal and recover from pregnancy and birth.  Our exercises are slow and gentle.  You go at your own pace.

Q:  Is my instructor a Mom?  Will she understand/relate to me, and my baby?
A:  Yes!  These classes were created when Andrea our studio owner became a momma herself in 2016 (her pictures are above with baby Lincoln).  The Pole Momma's class is taught by Christie who is also a momma and baby lover!  Christie will make you feel comfortable and welcome at your first class.

Q:  Will I be doing any working out with my baby?  I won't be expected to pole dancing with him/her right?
A:  No, the pole dancing exercise is just for you.  We provide mats and blankets that you can use to set up your babe on the floor beside you.  We have social time built into every class so that you can chat and socialize with other momma's and their babies.  

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