Troupe Registration Includes:
  • 8 weeks of practices, learning choreo to music, 1 hour per week
  • Full dress rehearsal- Saturday November 14th 9am-1pm
  • Performance night- Sunday November 15th Showtime: 7-9pm
  • VIP entry to the after party

 Early Bird* Dance Troupe Pricing- SAVE BIG!

Current Member Price: $80+HST (SAVE $40)
Non- Member Price: $120+HST (SAVE $40)
Combo ANY 2 troupes and SAVE 25% off of your second registration
*Early Bird pricing deadline is Sept. 7th 2015



All level troupes: (no experience required)

1. Suzy's Pole Dance Troupe-  Tuesday's 9-10pm starting September 15th
Theme:  Rock Metal  Song:  Dragula by Rob Zombie
Prerequisites:  Ability to do floorwork, including being on knees.  No pole experience required.  Must be okay with sensual movement- hips and hair tosses!
Costuming:  Black, silver, white, possibly heels.  To be discussed as a group.

2.  Suzy's Pole Dance (Metallica) Troupe- Friday's 5-6pm starting September 18th
Theme: Rock  Song: Entersandman by Metallica
Prerequisites:  No pole experience required.  This routine will help you tap into your inner rock goddess! 
Costuming:  to be decided as a group.

3. Melanie's TWERK Troupe- Friday's 9-10pm starting September 11th
Theme:  Booty beats from Destiny's Child, Missy Elliott and Major Lazer
Prerequisites: No experience required, just a sense of fun, adventure, and personal style. Emphasis will be on an energetic, enthusiastic performance style.
Costuming:  white shirt and jeggings, will be discussed as a group.

4.  Heather's Heels Troupe- Saturday's 12-1pm starting September 12th (Thanksgiving weekend off)
Theme: A "Pussycat Dolls" style of dance that will tap into your inner Beyoncé!!
Prerequisites: All levels welcome! No previous dance experience required. Be open to flirty and sexy movements. Must be comfortable wearing heels (DO NOT have to be super high!)
Costuming: Will be discussed as a group.  Bring knee pads or leg warmers to practice.

5.  Kelly's Chair Troupe- Sunday's 12-1pm starting September 13th (Thanksgiving weekend off)
Theme: Jazz music and sexy dance using a chair as a prop.  Not lapdancing choreo, chair dancing.. just like in ChairFit class.
Prerequisites: Open to fun flirty style of dance. Good for all levels. Some tricks will be done on chairs
Costuming: Stockings with seems up the back, heels, some type of fringe on the lower part of body. 


Troupes with Prerequisites:

1.  Miranda's Pole Troupe- Sunday's 4-5pm starting September 13th (Thanksgiving weekend off)
Theme:  Sexy and sultry.  Song: Black Velvet by Alannah Myles
Prerequisites: strong Inversion and Climb, Butterfly, Gemini, Angel/Scorpio, Sit/Wrist Sit, Basic Plank.  Be open to possible partner work and maybe dancing in heels.
Costuming:  TBA

2.  Christie's Pole Doubles (Partner) Troupe- Sunday's 11-12pm starting September 13th (Thanksgiving weekend off)
Theme: TBA  Song: Everybody wants to rule the world by Lorde
Prerequisites: A chance to be both "flyer" and "base" you must have a strong sit, climb, lay back, superman.  Shoulder mount and knee holds and hip hold is a bonus (not required).
Costuming:  Corsets, feather masks or fans.  To be decided as a group.

3.  Sam's Pole Troupe- Thursday's 9-10 pm starting on September 17th
Theme:  Little Red Ridding Hood & Wolf.  Song: BEAST by Mia Martina feat. Waka Flocka
Prerequisites: Scorpio, Gemini, Shoulder Mount, Angel, Extended Butterfly, Sleeping Beauty, Cork Screw, Cupid, Ayesha, Flatline.
Costuming: possibly a red cape with black pole shorts and bra underneath. To be decided as a group.


Administrative Information

  • Student MUST be able to attend both the dress rehearsal and the performance night
  • All troupe prerequisites are strongly recommended, speak with troupe leader if you have any questions
  • All troupe costumes are at the expense of the student
  • It is highly recommended that you attend all troupe rehearsals.  If you have to miss a day please advise your troupe leader.

Registration Information

  • Registration opens Wednesday August 19th @ 1pm, first come first served
  • Phone and in person registration only.  Full payment is required at time of registration
  • Non-Members are defined as students without a current pricing option (not currently active)
  • No refunds on registration fees after the troupe begins
  • Early Bird pricing is valid until September 7th, regular price active on September 8th

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Q: What is the format of the show?
A:  We will likely have 2 acts, with a 20 minute intermission in between.

2.  Q:  What kind of poles are we using?
A:  X-Pole Stages, both chrome and one brass.  We will have stage poles available for troupe rehearsals closer to the time of the show.  Everyone will get lots of practice on them.

3.  Q: Do performers get to watch the show from the audience?
A:  No, performers will be held backstage doing their hair, make up, warming up, and being present when the stage manager needs you, and being part of our final act.  We might also require performers that have performed to help clean off poles in between acts.. "Pole Kittens" we call them ;)  You will be able to watch the show the day of the full dress rehearsal.  All performers can be in the audience that day!

4.  Q:  Do performers get a free ticket for a guest?
A:  No, a free ticket is not included in the price.  Tickets will be available for purchase via a box office.  $40 for a VIP ticket which includes a special seat close to the stage, and access to our gala reception that we will be holding 1 hour before the show at 6pm.  The reception will be fully catered, non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.  Guests can mingle with performers.  $30 will be the price of our general admission tickets.  All prices are subject to change, we are still working out those details.

5.  Q:  Will performers be able to attend the reception?
A:  Yes, but they will be required to be ready for the start of the show.  We do encourage you to be there to greet your guests if you chose, but be sure to get backstage and get ready for show time!!

6.  Q:  How many spaces are in each troupe?
A:  Each troupe is different, and may be adjusted as needed.  Pole troupes for the most part have 8 spots.  Doubles 10 spots.

7.  Q:  How will I get to see the show?
A:  We are going to have a videographer, and photographer on show night.  Both of these will be available for viewing and for purchase after the show.  Photography during the show is not allowed. 

8.  Q:  I'm going to miss one of the troupe rehearsal dates, is that a problem?
A:  We totally understand that out of 8 weeks you might miss a practice.  That has been built into our plan, and is okay.  However, we strongly encourage you to attend all practices if you can, or notify your troupe leader if you have to miss a session.  For the troupes practicing on weekends, we have Thanksgiving weekend booked off so you do not miss out.

9.  Q:  Do I have to have my picture taken?
A:  Yes.  However if you're not comfortable with it, we can try to work something out.  We will be recording some practice/rehearsal footage for a "behind the scenes" reel that we are going to play at the show after intermission.  This will give the audience a look at how much hard work and practice goes into our troupes.  Just think of Dancing with the Stars, and their footage.  We will be recording the night of, and having pictures taken of the show.

10.  Q:  I don't want to perform, but I want to be a part of this, is there any way I can help?
A:  YES!  We will have lots of volunteer opportunities.  A massive amount of work goes into this kind of event, and we will need as many volunteers as we can take.  Please email us at and we will add your name to our volunteer list.

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