"How do I get out of this pole dancing funk?"

ledancing funk

Whatever the reason, most pole dancers will encounter a plateau at some point in their journey. It's this big scary monster staring you in the face saying "you're not goo enough!" or "you'll never be able to do that!" or "I'll just go to class next week instead."

At this point some pole dancers may decide the sport is no longer for them and that the motivation is gone for good. For the rest of us, we long to be at the studio every night of the week and stretching five nights at home, but for some reason, we just cannot bring ourselves to. Whether it be returning after an injury, lack of progress or self-esteem inspired, getting into a pole funk can be a seriously discouraging experience. But not all hope is lost!

For this month's blog post, we asked the Studio Chic Instructors and Staff for some advice for how they keep their pole journey in line with their goals.


"This speaks directly to myself right now. I think for me the biggest thing is accepting that your pole journey is not always going up in one direction - life gets in the way and it's ok to go backwards a few steps, re-learn moves, build up strength you may have lost, etc. to get back on the right track. Also - setting goals (example: competing) forces you to get your butt moving!" - Jasmine

"Lord knows I have had many sets backs... health, injury, life... We are all on our own path and journey. We are not all rock stars climbing to the top as fast as we can. We need to pause sometimes and do what is right for us. We need allow our bodies to rest, but we must also push them. It is all about balance. With diet, life and pole. All I ever want out of my pole journey is to be the best version of me I can be. Even if that means taking a few steps back or sideways." - Kelly

"I am the Queen of Pole Funks. This is something I struggle with on a regular basis. To stay motivated, I let someone else know I am having trouble, for some encouragement and accountability. Start by finding a stretching buddy and hold one another accountable! My biggest piece of advice? Don't forget to keep dancing for fun. Attend an open practice at the studio, put on your favourite song and just let go. You might surprise yourself with how good you'll feel after!" - Emily

"After being in Inter 2 for a little bit, I felt a major plateau in my skills and was feeling really discouraged to continue. I kept looking on Instagram and seeing all the amazing moves people could do and I could do none of them, which was super discouraging. I found what got me our of my slump was getting back to the basics - working on my straight leg, pointed toe invert, my stamina, my pretty climbs, etc. And eventually when i went back to try some of those hard moves I had became stronger. Take home message: Instagram does not always help." - Kayla 

"It used to be you were inspired by your instructors and fellow class mates but with the invention of Instagram and YouTube, it's hard not to feel like you aren't "keeping up". Remember why you fell in love with pole from the beginning; Before the big tricks... It was spins, climbs, challenge, hanging with great women, Moving, and dancing. Sometimes you have to concede to the fact that you may never do a certain "trick". "I'm never going to be able to touch my butt to my head!" But I can do other moves! Strive for progress not perfection." - Christie 

What tactics do you use to stay motivated? Let us know in the comments!


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