Mindfulness & Pole Dancing


Last year I talked on this blog about how and why most of our New Year resolutions don’t work. You can read it here, if you’re interested, but what it all came down to was this: resolutions suggest a change needs to be made and that you are somehow not good enough.

This year I want to offer you a different resolution to implement not only in your pole classes, but your everyday. To start the year off right and set yourself up for success, I want to talk about how including mindfulness practices into your pole work will help you get the most out of each session.


Mindfulness in its most technical form is defined as “a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.” More plainly, mindfulness is being fully aware of what is happening in the present moment.

But Emily, aren’t we always aware of what’s happening in the present moment? Well yes, but there is a little more to it than that.  

Mindfulness is typically known as a form of meditation but can be practiced literally anywhere at anytime. Among its theorized benefits are “self-control, objectivity, affect tolerance, better memory retention, enhanced flexibility, equanimity, improved concentration and mental clarity, emotional intelligence and the ability to relate to others and one's self with kindness, acceptance and compassion” according to the American Psychological Association.

As well, inn recent years, scientists have found associations between mindfulness and physical health, especially in terms of weight control, as people who are mindful during meals tending to be less likely to gain weight. A few studies also have suggested that people who deliberately immerse themselves in the feeling of moving and in their environment are more likely to exercise again.  

For me, I can see these things benefitting my pole training in several positive ways. Besides the obvious potential of better flexibility, thinking more kindly about myself means less insecurity about my bodys’ looks and abilities. It means fully appreciating the difficult things my body is achieving each time I go to class and increased focus means I am more likely to remember what I have been taught, future corrections, names of tricks and more.  Focussing on your body will help prevent injury or overworking, and will help keep you safer while completing tricks and in recovery. By being fully present, I can enjoy every moment of each class and feel more fulfilled with each workout.

How do I practice mindfulness during class?


1.    Breathe

Your breath is key in not only practicing mindfulness but your pole workouts in general. Steady and even breathing efficiently fuels your body with the oxygen it needs to complete the physical tasks required for pole and to keep your muscles moving. The repetitive inflow and outflow of your breath creates a rhythm that can help anchor you into the present moment and help you push through some of poles more difficult tricks.


2.    Feel your body

Before starting class, take inventory of how you’re feeling. Do you have pain or discomfort? How is your energy level? Have you eaten recently? By doing this, you’re connecting yourself to your body and you’re then able to make the right choices for yourself at that moment. By being fully aware of your body, you’ll better be able to prevent injury and strain and you’ll start to feel all the muscles hard at work and realize how strong you really are.


3.    Notice your environment

Studio Chic offers a relaxing and bright environment to enjoy your workout, so use this to your advantage! Enjoy the lights, warmth, colours and the people around you by taking note of what you see, feel and smell. By grounding yourself to your surroundings, it’s easier to remain in the moment.


4.    Slow down

I know you are super excited about pulling off this move (and I am too!) but sometimes its important to slow down during your class. Take a moment to breathe between each trick attempt. Remember that you set this time aside specifically for YOU, so give yourself permission to enjoy it. Use this moment to remember why you are here. Take your time with each movement, particularly strength training exercises. Focus on your form and your posture which will improve your pole technique over the long term.


5.    Correct your posture

Posture affects every move you make. Through correct posture you create the optimal spinal alignment for any physical activity. Posture is especially key in pole for all the back and shoulder work required. Remember, shoulders down and back! (You'll thank me later)

6.    Think kindly about yourself

Studio Chic is already a judgement-free zone, but the worst culprit of body shaming is always ourselves! Make the studio your safe space from your own head and leave the self criticisms at the door. Make it a goal to no longer shame your body for what it can’t do and doesn’t look like, and instead celebrate it. If you nail a trick, give yourself a pat on the back. If you fail at something, give yourself a pat on the back for trying and go again! Your body and mind are accomplishing some pretty amazing things and you should be proud. If you wouldn't say it to your friend, don't say it to yourself.


7.    Talk to your instructor

Struggling with a move in class? Having an off day?  Thinking too much about negative things? Talk to your instructor! Studio Chic instructors are a wealth of knowledge and motivation when it comes to getting the most out of your pole class. They are there for you, never judge and want to see you succeed but they are not mind-readers. Speak up!


8.    Set a goal or intention

Setting an intention or goal at the beginning of your workout will set you up for success by helping you focus on what you’re doing. By breaking down your large goals into smaller ones, you are more likely to accomplish them. For example, instead of saying “I want to be more flexible this year”, say “I am going to challenge myself during our stretch today.” Your goal can even be as simple as “finish this class”, it’s totally up to you!


9.    End on a good note

Remember all the good things about the workout you just did and take note of how good it feels when you’re done, either physically, emotionally or both! Give yourself time to cool down and take time to stretch the muscles you worked. If you can, take a moment to lie down at the end of the workout for one last deep breath; you earned it.


10.  Write in your pole journal

Write in your pole journal noting things you learned, challenges you faced, goals for next class or even just that you had a fun class! It is very satisfying to review your journal later and see all the progress you’ve made. Writing is also a mindfulness activity in itself. By writing down your experience from that day, you are remembering and valuing each moment and being present during the time you're writing.


In conclusion, on top of all your wonderful pole and personal goals, I challenge you to give yourself the gift of presence this year and be in the moment. Happy New Year #polefam!


Until next time,



GWN Pole Competition: My First Competition


Exactly one week ago today I hit the stage at my very first pole dancing competition, the Vertical Love Great White North Pole Competition (GWN). Myself, along with 16 others from Studio Chic, performed and placed in a variety of categories from pole, to chair and groups. I think I speak for most of us when I say that the main inspiration for signing up for this competition came from SC Instructor Suzy and I think a quick thank you is in order for that! Thanks for pushing us all to sign up, it was a great learning experience and so much fun!

My motivation for signing up mainly comes from the fact that I love performing. Though I do not have a dance background, I love putting together my own pieces and executing my vision on stage. My main goal was to make it through my entire routine without forgetting any of my choreography. This is something I have always struggled with and I am happy to report that I accomplished that goal at GWN!


Competition preparation started for me around four months ago when I began narrowing down my songs. I listened to my choices intently and created themes/storylines for all of them. Once I finally decided which one I loved the most, I started to think about which tricks I wanted to feature in my routine. When I started doing this I began to realize that I had not learned any new tricks in a long time and wanted to challenge myself further by adding a few new ones to my repertoire. I proceeded to book a few private lessons to clean up old tricks and learn a few more. By doing this, I was able to add a few tricks such as the Shooting Star, Thigh Hold, and Knee Hang, and put new combos together that I’d never done before such as Bow & Arrow to Butterfly. If you can spare the extra cash or catch a Studio Chic Sale, I would highly recommend signing up for a few private lessons every now and then. The special attention and corrections you get are so helpful in furthering you in your pole journey and giving you lots of things to work on during practices whether you are preparing for a performance or not.

Two months out from the big day, I sort of fell off the competition train and became highly un-motivated to continue training and finish my choreography. August’s SC Blog post covered that exact topic and discusses some of the tactics I used to get myself back on track. What really helped was a concerned phone call from a friend to get me to finish that choreography and I was off to the races. Due to my lack of motivation, I had lost a little strength and flexibility, as well as time, for the competition. I refocused on my main goal of completing and memorizing my choreography and spent the majority of my effort focussing on that. I work best using choreography sheets such as the ones I made for this competition. Lyrics, time markers, spin/static pole marks and trick notes all help keep my vision on track along with video recording my choreography over and over. I would recommend choreo sheets to anyone who is an organization snob like me. 




Tuesday before the competition I did my final run through so that I could rest in the days leading up to the competition and finish my preparation on a high note. I tried my best to eat well, stretch and go to bed early for the rest of the week. On competition day, I packed my bag with essentials like my costume, dry hands, headphones and a few extras like safety pins, a snack and double sided tape. My hubby and I hopped in the car to head to the early rehearsals at the venue Bay City Music Hall in Hamilton, ON. The organizer of the competition, Fran, allowed time for each performer to run their routine on stage before the show to get a feel for the poles and the size of the stage. To save my energy (and my best performance for last!) I opted to just mark my choreography out, instead of performing each trick. I would recommend this going forward to anyone who performs in the future as I really think it makes a difference. We spent the rest of the day applying makeup in our cars and killing time until stage time!



For the record, I competed in the Entry/Amateur category at GWN and there was a three points of contact minimum requirement for everyone in our category. I learned that there would be five judges critiquing our performances who came from a variety of different backgrounds ranging from ballet to pole. Scoring would be done based on the Benchmark System meaning the first person to perform in each category would be the “benchmark” and each performer thereafter would have points added or deducted based on the benchmark score.

Being the second category on stage, I chose to stay in the green room until my stage time. I tried to stay warm, stretch a little and not freak out. The time seemed to drag on forever! I listened to my song, “Human (Acoustic)” by Jon Bellion over and over, running the choreography in my head. I tried to stay hydrated, but not too hydrated (haha!) and before I knew it, it was my turn to hit the stage. Here's a picture of my beautiful costume on stage!




I learned a lot from my performance. Firstly, my mom makes great costumes.  I came to her with a vision for a Monarch and she made it come to life. You do not have to pay hundreds for a costume with a little imagination and some time. I paid around $75 for everything to make my costume

As for my scoresheets, I learned that Theme + Musicality are my strong points, the biggest thing I need to work on is my Flexibility. Though I did not place, I am so proud of myself for remembering all of my choreography and delivering a performance that was truly me. I learned that keeping myself motivated is really important when preparing for a competition and that practicing by myself is not always the best solution. Most importantly, it may be a competition, but I am really only competing against myself. As for what’s next? I will definitely be performing again and I have a lot to improve on in my pole journey.

Over the weekend, our Studio took home a number of awards. Not surprisingly, every single winner from SC is an Instructor!


First Place - Christie
2nd Place - Kelly

2nd Place - Suzy

1st Place - Sam

1st Place - Suzy

3rd Place - Heather

Heather - Essentials
Sam - Group Division

I wanted to say congratulations to the entire pole family on a fantastic competition! To all those that performed, won, attended, and cheered us on from a far, I am so thankful to have a support system like Studio Chic. I think I can confidently say that our Studio Chic #polefamily won the Spirit Award over the weekend! A special shout out to our pole mamas, Andrea and Tracey, who brought a stemmed rose for every single performer. We all felt so much love <3 Congratulations to all!




Instructor Spotlight - Kelly

We are so excited to share our first Instructor Spotlight with you all, featuring SC Instructor Kelly! Kelly teaches pole, chair fit and cardio hoop at Studio Chic and has been pole dancing for over eight years. Watch our video to learn more about the FABULOUS Kelly!

Healthy Holiday Habits

Healthy holiday habits

Holy Chic Pole Fam!

The holidays have arrived in full force.

With so much to celebrate during this time of year many of us often forget to take care of ourselves. Between traveling, preparing, working, spending time with family and the actual events themselves, it is easy to fall into some not-so-great habits that may make that second piece of pie a little less worth it.

To give you some suggestions, I have come up with some strategies I use to stay energized and healthy (-ish) during this festive season, while still indulging in all the wonderful pleasures the holidays have to offer such as candied sweet potatoes and After Eight Mints; but that might just be me.

Sneak in exercise as often as you can, any way you can.

Obviously, the more exercise the better during the holidays. Not only are we eating unusually larger meals with a larger variety of items during the holidays, we are also eating them more often and many of these recipes feature rich ingredients. Butter, sugar, lard, and many other ingredients are what cause many of us to see negative changes in our bodies this time of year.

To combat this I am planning to hit the studio as often as I can between holiday commitments. Booty Barre, Cardio Hoop and TRX (and obviously pole!) are all great full body workouts that feature both strength and cardio exercises. There is also a few open practice times available through the holidays for a little bit of flexibility for your very busy schedule. When I can’t get to the studio I plan on stretching at least every other day, if not every day at home. Failing to stretch for a prolonged period during the holidays could result in a reversal of flexibility progress for and though stretching is only a low impact form of exercise, at least I’m getting off the couch! Stretching is also a great stress reliever (which for some of us, is necessary during the holidays). If you challenge yourself to stretch this often, you’ll have a bendy start to the new year.

To incorporate more opportunities to get moving, this year we have planned to go skating in Victoria Park when the family comes to visit and have planned “Reindeer Games” and a Rock Band tournament for the kids (Feel free to take these ideas!) If you’re doing an activity together instead of simply watching the television, the whole family is less likely to start snacking out of boredom. Plus, playing with the kids is awesome. No kids around? No problem. Take a walk after dinner or to an event in the city (especially if this mild weather keeps up!). In the end, whether its sneaking in a workout, walking, twerking or playing Rock Band, do as much as you can to just get up and move!

Yoga Pants + Holiday Dinners = <3

Nom nom nom, I love food. But really, who’s favourite part of the holidays isn’t the delicious food? It’s so easy to over-eat during the holidays leaving you in a food coma on the couch and your stomach in knots. For the actual meals, I start by drinking a full glass of water before eating to help me stay full. Keeping hydrated is something I struggle with regularly, so I try aiming for two litres of water a day. I make it easier to control my portions by using a smaller plate and by taking smaller portions of each item the first time around the buffet table. (You can always go back for seconds!) Speaking of seconds, I try wait between my first plate and second to give my stomach a chance to process and to decided if I am actually hungry still.

While eating your glorious feast, take your time. Slow down to enjoy the meal and the people around you. This will result in feeling fuller, faster. Try to space your drinks during the holidays too as we know how many empty calories that alcoholic beverages have. As well, alcohol prevents the body from being able to reabsorb water as easily, meaning you can become dehydrated very quickly. Try to drink a glass of water between each of your alcoholic ones and you’ll be thankful for the milder hangover in the morning. When it comes to dessert, you could opt to split a dessert with someone else or choose fruit instead. But, in all honesty, I am probably just going to eat the dessert.

As far as snacking goes, you’ll make your life a lot simpler by preparing some healthy snacks ahead of time, especially if you have plans to travel. Cut veggies and hummus, nuts, pretzels, and popcorn are all easy snacks for at home and on the go. By doing this, you can avoid unnecessary eating out especially during your busy days. (It will help save you money too!) Prepping slow cooker meals for dinners can also help you make healthier choices when you are short on time.


Remember, these suggestions are mostly about balance, instead of abstaining or eliminating the things you love about the holidays. No matter what you’re celebrating, focus on those around you and being in the moment. And if you do end up having that extra piece of pie, who cares? The new year is only a few weeks away!

Do you have any tactics or suggestions to add? Share them with us in the comment section.


Pole Performance Workshop

performance workshop
Join Melanie Irene, Canada's National Semi-Pro Champion in her exclusive workshop made just for dancers interested in taking their pole practice to the stage. Students will learn how to plan a performance from how to choose music to how to compose choreography and everything in between. For those interested in competing, she will cover how competitors are judged and scored. Melanie will also share some tips on how to prep mentally and physically backstage and in the days leading up to your big day.

Holiday Open House

YOU ARE INVITED! We are opening our doors on Sunday November 16th from 12-5pm for all to come and see what we're all about! We are offering FREE 30 minute sample classes all day, as well some great SALES and INCENTIVES on our classes, memberships, and merchandise. Come join the party and experience for yourself why we are Where Fitness Feels Fabulous! Pre-registration required for our sample classes, just give us a call at 519 902-7653 to register.

Chic Mystique Halloween Party!

Our annual Halloween Party is coming up fast! This spooktacular night is open to all students and their guests. Tickets are available in advance for only $10+HST. The night includes live performances by our dance troupes showcasing all levels of pole taught in our studio, we have DJ Finally Famous spinning all night, a fully licensed bar, costume prizes, and lots of scary fun.

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